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What is a Thür, and why should you care?

Well you probably shouldn’t. One of my goals for this trip to Europe is touching base with my Grandfather’s participation in The Great War, World War I.

After the Armistice, the “draftee” portions of the US Army, The National Army and the National Guard were sent home. The Regular Army divisions were sent to the Rhineland, along with the other Allies to occupy it. My Grandfather had joined the Army before the war and was a member of the 76th Field Artillery Regiment (a fact dug up by my brother Jim), 3rd Infantry Division. Sometime after the Republicans refused to ratify the Treaty of Versailles, the American occupiers were brought home. By then, the parades were over.

During his time in Germany, he was apparently stationed in Thür. I can’t imagine this excited anybody in the 3rd Infantry Division Artillery. Thür is a sleepy rural town, devoid of much of anything to do, even by 1919 standards. I’m sure the Officers put the Gasthouse off limits.

The people who live there loved it, but it wasn’t home for the Americans. I’m certain everyone was quite happy to be relieved from that post, including the Germans, ending Mr. Wilson’s excellent adventure.


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  1. Side note. The 76th Filed Artillery came about as follows. The 2nd Cavalry was taken off border patrol along the Mexican Border (protecting the US from Bandit raids) and sent to Ft. Ethan Allen VT. They were then split into 3 units, the 2nd Cav, the 18 and 19th Cavalry. Grandpa was in the 18th in the HQ company. He was promoted to Corporal while in VT. When deployed to France the 18th was redesignated as the 76th Field Artillery.

    Jump forward a couple generations, My former Son In Law, Cristian Guillermo, was a member of the 2nd Cavalry. Small World. He was deployed to Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan.

  2. When I was assigned the 1/29th Field Artillery / Fourth Infantry Division in Fort Carson Colorado in 1981/82, I’m near certain it was the 1/76 Field Artillery that was in in the motor pool next door. We were assigned to the M109A3 155MM Cannons while the 1/76 shot the big 8 inch guns. At the the time I had no idea it was Grand Pops old brigade.

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