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Jen and I spent a day in Bastogne proper.  We visited the Bastogne War Museum.  It was very well done, and while the focus was Battle of the Bulge, it does so by covering the whole war and the chain of events that led to the siege at Bastogne.  They do excellent multimedia presentations.

There is a beautiful monument that allows a birds eye view of the surrounding countryside.  It is typical of the area,  dense woods and open fields.



For those who have seen the HBO series Band of Brothers (Amazon Prime members can watch it here) or read the book by the same name, you’ll know about Easy Company, 506th Regiment, 101st Airborne.  For those who haven’t, well you are missing a treat.  We went out to their positions on the in the woods across from Foy.

The woods look like this:


The ground is littered with fox holes.


A rifleman’s view of Foy (sans snow):


And finally, the German view of Easy Company from Foy:


The closest approach to Foy from the woods is perhaps 200 yards.  The guys who ran across that open space to take Foy clang when they walk.


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