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After Bastogne, we traveled to Vincent’s house in Meuse-Ardenne in France, just a few miles from from the American cemetery.  When driving in, on can tell immediately that it built upon the the ruins of something much older.  According to a Google translation of this web page, here is a brief history:

Situated at the western limit of Lorraine, Dun le Chastel was always the place of passage of the armies for the great invasions. This strategic interest was the constant stakes of the struggles between the dukes of Lorraine, their allies, and the kingdom of France. The “Castrum Dunum” was built from 1053 to 1055 by the Grand Duke Godefroy the Barbu in the fields of his wife Beatrix de Bar. The first chatelain, a high-ranking man of the castle, charged with defending this fortress, and the will of Alo, Dannevoux, and Dun. The fortress was dismantled, like most fortresses of the North Meusian, by order of Richelieu in 1742. For lack of means to make a new citadel as at Montmédy, Louis XIV completed its destruction in 1648. Occupied by the Germans during the World War I, the city was subjected to intensive bombing which destroyed what remained of the fortress.

Fortress of Dun-le-Chastel 55110 Dun-sur-Meuse, in the 90’s, a handful of volunteers decided to upgrade the site. The association “Dun le Chastel” was born. Since the restorations have not stopped.

Here are views from our bedroom balcony:


Views from around the village were very nice too:





The river below is the Meuse.



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