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Cleaning the Cologne Cathedral

Centuries of dirt and the industrial revolution have left their mark.  There is a faint grid pattern over this photo; that is the netting that prevents bits from falling off and injuring tourists and the faithful.  You’ll also see horizontal striping, as different sections of the exterior face are cleaned …

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Cologne Cathedral

I remember hearing about the Cologne Cathedral from my 9th Grade German teacher.  Amazing what sticks after 40 years.   I’m sure the story behind building is similar to fictional account, Pillars of the Earth.  It also happens to be an incredible piece of architecture and art.         …

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Lufthansa and the Alaska Airlines Standard

We are flying Lufthansa to Europe; into Frankfurt and out of Paris. For almost three years, I lived in Philadelphia and worked in Seattle.  Later I had a gig in Palo Alto for six months, both as a consultant.  I commuted via airplane and used most of the major carriers …

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Starting with the Security in Philly

To travel long distance in short periods of times means having to use airports.  In the USA, this means interacting with TSA and other airport staff.  At Philadelphia International Airport, I usually fly out of the domestic terminals on our Big Trip To Europe, we flew out of Terminal A.  …

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