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In the champagne region of the Marne River valley of France, we stayed in a country “fermette”.  A really nice cottage in the countryside. Jen and I would have really liked to stay much longer than the time allotted.      

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3rd Infantry at the Meuse Argonne

The 3rd Infantry Division (3rd ID) had held at the 2nd Battle of the Marne and blunted the German offensive.   A blunted German Army was not a defeated Army.   The German High Command could see the impact the Americans were having as the Allies went on the offensive and feared …

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Le Meaux

While we were at Vincent’s place, Jen was drinking coffee on the back patio.  She heard “meaux, meaux”. So she put her coffee down on the table and beckoned “le chat”.  Instead of coming to her, the cat jumped on the table and spilled the coffee! Eventually, they got to …

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Chez Fouchs

After Bastogne, we traveled to Vincent’s house in Meuse-Ardenne in France, just a few miles from from the American cemetery.  When driving in, on can tell immediately that it built upon the the ruins of something much older.  According to a Google translation of this web page, here is a …

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